Q. Who can create a profile at Gent City?

A: Gentlemen who are over 18 years old and who have purchased one of our subscription packages.


Q. Are the subscription packages recurring payments?

A. Yes. For your convenience, your subscription will be renewed automatically after the expiration of your current subscription. 


Q. How can I cancel the recurring payments and quit from subscriptions?

A. Gents can stop recurring payments and quit from our services by simply sending a message to one of our agents via our Contact form.


Q. What is the hourly rate of the Gents? 

A. Gents set their own hourly rate, please check their profiles for their rate or filter the rate range you prefer at "Our Gents" page.


Q. Is there any cost for the Ladies for using the Service?

A. There are no sign up costs, no commissions and no cost to view our Gentlemen profiles. The only thing you pay is when you book a Gent where you will pay him in cash.once you meet him  


Q. What is the minimum or average booking time for a date?

A. Gents set their own minimum booking time, please clarify that with them before you set up a date. Usually, the average booking time is 2 hours.


Q. Can I pay the Gent with credit card?

A. Most of the times, Gents do not accept credit cards. Therefore, you should pay them in cash at the start of the date. All payment goes to the Gent, Gent City does not take keep any fee or commision. 


Q. Are the Ladies expected to cover all costs during the date? 

A. Yes. Ladies should pay for all costs during the date eg, food, drinks, cinema etc. They do not have to pay for the Gent's travel expenses to and from the meeting point. 


Q. Where should Ladies meet the Gents? 

A. It is up to the Ladies to suggest a place to meet. Nevertheless, we would recommend a date in a public place such as a hotel bar, cafeteria, restaurant etc. 


Q. Are the Ladies supposed to contact the Gents before the date? 

A. Yes. Ladies will need to contact Gent by phone or email for all arrangements before the date. 


Q. Do the Gents offer any sexual activities? 

A. No. Our Gents are straight male offering companion only. They do not offer any sexual services. Therefore, please do not contact them asking for these type of services.